About me

image Hi, I’m Emily. I have an optometry/science background and live in Sydney, Australia with my husband Bez and our daughter Isabella, who is 18 months old.

I started this blog when Isabella was 4 months old. One night I was watching her in the bath and I realised that I wasn’t really sure of what was in the plastic in her bath toys and whether it was as safe as I wanted it to be. A little research later and I was horrified to find that her bath toys had chemicals in them that are linked to all sorts of negative long term health effects. Scarily, I found these chemicals were also in her other toys, feeding containers, bath mat, the cleaning products in our home and so much more! Unfortunately, our government regulations about chemicals in children’s products are almost non- existent and so sadly, we can’t just rely on them to keep us safe.

I’ve always had an interest in healthy living and believe a realistic balance is important. You can’t live a toxin free modern life. But it’s great to have knowledge of the things that we are exposed to, so we can find a balance and minimise our exposure. I think if we try to keep a healthy home, then when we’re out, it doesn’t matter when we can’t eat organic or our baby plays with a toy that wasn’t as safe a plastic etc.

By becoming informed and choosing to purchase non-toxic products, we put pressure on mainstream companies to reformulate their own products into safer ones! Together we can change the world. It’s a pretty huge thought, but we can actually make it a reality. We don’t have to wait for governments to change legislation on ingredients… we can choose. Knowledge is power

So here is my journey of finding out what makes a healthy home and what are safe baby products for Isabella… and what aren’t! Every product I recommend here is something we use at home ourselves.

I am so grateful to all of you for your enthusiasm, feedback and support! It has given me the drive and motivation to keep going with the thousands of hours of research and writing that I’ve done! It feels amazing to have so many wonderful people join me on this journey to make our children’s lives a bit less toxic! xxx