Non-Toxic Christmas Wish list – Baby


Here are our favourite non-toxic baby toys:

These are the toys which Isabella had and loved and also the ones which I wish I bought and would do so if I had my time again!



Rainbow Sound Blocks:

These I think are the ultimate brilliant gift. They stimulate on so many levels – colour, sound and shape. The blocks contain colourful beads which make different sounds when they are shaken. These are my top toy that I wish I’d bought!!! I definitely would if I went back in time. They are made from sustainable wood, non-toxic paints and safe glue. They say 18 months+, but I think Isabella would have loved them from 6 months definitely.


haba-rainbow-clutching-toy__Haba rainbow clutching toy:

A ring for easy holding and with different colours, patterns and mirrors, it’s the ultimate in first holding toys. This is elasticated and so you can push the ring into different shapes. Safe wood and water based stains. A beautiful non-toxic but stimulating baby toy.



heimess-rattle-rainbow-square_Heimess Rainbow Baby Rattle:

Solid beech and maple wood with brightly coloured beads with non-toxic stains and lacquers. Elasticated so that it can be twisted. I love the bell.




grimms-beads-grasperGrimm’s Wooden Beads Grasper:

What a great toy! Bright colours, able to be moved and manipulated, easy to hold, encourages imagination, non-toxic and sustainable.




image501531017_product_1Sophie The Giraffe:
Every baby loves Sophie, from the feel of the rubber and sound of her squeak, to her nipple shaped face which is perfect for sucking. Care has to be taken when cleaning Sophie because of the hole where she squeaks. Sophie mustn’t be immersed in water and only wiped clean with a cloth, otherwise mould can grow inside.



sofie-giraffeSo Pure Sophie The Giraffe Teething Ring:

When having one Sophie isn’t enough. This is great for young babies learning to grip. Isabella loves it.





pond-11Hevea: The Pond:
A collection of the cutest rubber bath toys – a fish, duck and frog. There’s something magical about that frog’s legs… No matter how tired Isabella is, I can get her out of the bath, dried and dressed if she has her frog to suck on. Again, no holes in them and all natural rubber, so totally safe!



imageHevea star ball:
Easy to grip and can be rolled or squished. Isabella loves it. I also think it looks just gorgeous!






organic-baby-bear-comforter__42038-1467695174-1280-1280Dandelion Organic Bear Baby Comforter:

This is a gorgeous baby velour soft toy. It is made from organic cotton and filled with natural corn fibres. It has knots and tags and even makes a crinkle noise too. It’s a perfect snuggling companion.



im_toy_wooden_bench__I’m Toy Busy Bench:

Made from sustainable rubberwood and coloured with non-toxic water based paints, this is a fantastic toy. It is recommended from 8 months+ . It’s such a great toy with so many activities in one – hammering, tracking paths, spinning cylinders with different patterns and movable beads.



I’ve linked to the website Eco Toys because it’s where I buy a lot of Isabella’s toys. They get my business because I know if I buy something from there it’ll be safe. Even this mama gets tired researching everything she wants to buy sometimes!

This amazing Australian family business has super stringent rules about what they’ll allow in their shop so you can browse and shop without worry!

Their toys are:

  • Made from 100% natural materials such as wood, certified organic cotton or pure wool or 100% recycled materials.
  • The paints and finishes are water based, 100% non-toxic and safe.
  • Their baby soft toys are certified organic cotton and none of their soft toys have synthetic filling.
  • Made from materials that are sourced from renewable and sustainable resources or recycled materials.
  • 60% of their toys are either Australian made and/or designed in Australia and owned by Australian companies.

They also choose toys from manufacturers who care about the environment, run conservation projects and who pay workers a fair wage in order to help fight poverty in third world countries.

It’s pretty easy to see why I choose them to shop at now isn’t it?

These are affiliate links. This means that if you use these links, you will not pay any more from the product, however I do get a small fee paid to me. This money will go right back into the blog to contribute to its upkeep and for me to try new products so that I can bring you the most updated information. Thank you for your support in using these links. x



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