Non-Toxic Christmas Wish List – Toddler

Need some Christmas inspiration?

Here are some of my favourite non-toxic toys for toddlers.

im-toy-activity-stacker__52223-1478846384-1280-1280I’m Toy Activity Stacking Boxes:

These are great. They are on our Christmas list too. There are so many activities to do in them and they all stack down into the bottom box – perfect for a flight or to pop in your bag to take somewhere for entertainment! There’s belt buckling, lacing, buttoning, bead lacing and sliding, zippering, disc spinning, soft buttoning and more. Made from sustainable rubberwood and have a non-toxic finish.



colour-sound-blocks__23846-1480196006-1280-1280Colour Sound Blocks:

I adore these see through coloured blocks. Isabella loves looking through different colours and when you shake these blocks, they all make different sounds as they contain different sized beads. They have colours to match and they are blocks which can be stacked or shaken. Made from sustainable wood and non-toxic paint and glue.



honey_sticks_beeswax_crayons__73549-1432344270-1280-1280Honey Sticks Beeswax Crayons:

These are what Isabella uses when she’s drawing. They are made from beeswax and non-toxic pigment…and smell amazing! The colours come out really nicely. Highly recommended.




childrens_earth_paints__78712-1432792862-1280-1280The Children’s Earth Paint Kit:

This is also on our Christmas list. It contains the powder to make up 6 different paint colours using non-toxic natural pigments. It’s so non-toxic it is suited to all ages. As you mix up the paints yourself. you can make it as thick or thin as you want depending on if you want a water colour look or a paste. I can’t wait to get Isabella painting with these!




Everearth 5 in 1 Activity Cube:

This was one of Isabella’s first birthday presents and it’s a big hit. She enjoys moving the beads on top and the shape sorter…and generally just putting things into the box and taking them out again! There are lots of activities in it and some that are a bit beyond her which is great as it’ll be a toy that lasts a while! Nothing better than having a toy they can grow into I think! Sustainable wood and safe water based paints.




Wooden Alphabet Baby Book:

Isabella loves books and pointing at pictures to find out words, it’s definitely her favourite activity. Hence, I just LOVE this little wooden book. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag and there’s enough in it with the 13 double sided pages to keep a child entertained for quite a while! It’s a toy which will stay relevant for a while as there are pictures as well as words and alphabet letters. A real winner. We have this on order! Non-toxic paints and materials.


farm_block_set__30402-1433805560-1280-1280Organic Farm Block Set:

Isabella loves everything to do with farms and farm animals – she loves making the noises and visiting the kindy farm at the markets. This toy is right up her alley. I love how it encourages imaginative play and it’s a toy that’ll have interest for now as well as a while to come.


green_toys_beach_set__20681-1432270046-1280-1280Green Toys Sand Play Set:

We’re often at the beach and Isabella loves playing in the sand…this play set is made from safe plastic. It’s wrapped up and ready to go under the tree!



im-toy-walker-and-cow-ride-on-toy__65396-1464084249-1280-1280I’m Toy Walker and Ride On Toy:

I think this is just adorable. If I had my time again, I would definitely get this. I thought walkers were just for when children were learning to walk and so wasn’t keen to invest. Now I know they like pushing them round and putting things in them for a much longer time! Love this. Non-toxic paint and sustainable rubberwood.



noahs_ark__57579-1446117623-1280-1280Everearth Noah’s Ark Toy:

Another toy involving animals…always a winner! Really cute and encourages imaginative play. Will be great for now and years to come. Non-toxic paints and sustainable rubberwood.





hape_deluxe_toy_kitchen__05949-1432343010-1280-1280Hape My Giant Kitchen:

This is just a touch too old for Isabella now, though I know there’s so much about it she’d love already judging by how much she likes opening and closing our kitchen cupboard doors! I think this is just adorable! Definitely something for next year’s Christmas list! Made from birch wood and non-toxic paints.



wooden_musical_triangle_flip_toy__48227-1432254959-1280-1280Everearth Triangle Flip:

Isabella loves musical toys and banging things. This has it all – a drum, washboard, xylophone and clacker. It’s a great compact, non-toxic, percussion centre.



green_toys_tugboat__18659-1432342326-1280-1280Green Toys Tugboat:

We love Green Toys in our house. We have shape sorters and trucks, stackers and boats! We love this boat for the bath. It’s fun to pour water from for Isabella…and I also use it to wash her hair! Made from safe plastic.



boon_bath_water_pipes_toy__39710-1431751781-1280-1280Boon Water Pipes Bath Toy:

Isabella loves the bath and water play. These pipes have different shapes and functions – one has a little spinning water wheel, one has a twirl where water goes around. They are made from safe plastic and are on Isabella’s Christmas list. 



green_toys_recycling_truck__10455-1432269855-1280-1280Green Toys Recycling Truck:

Isabella received this for her first birthday from a close friend. It is a big hit in our house. She loves pushing the truck around and putting things in and out of it. It’s perfect in the sand pit too! Made from safe plastic. 



playdough_stampers__93541-1435104909-1280-1280Play Dough Pattern Stampers:

We’re just getting to the stage where we might be able to play with play dough soon and not eat the whole lot! I love these stampers! They have beautiful patterns and can be used in baking and play dough and art too.



I’ve linked to the website Eco Toys because it’s where I buy a lot of Isabella’s toys. They get my business because I know if I buy something from there it’ll be safe. Even this mama gets tired researching everything she wants to buy sometimes!

This amazing Australian family business has super stringent rules about what they’ll allow in their shop so you can browse and shop without worry!

Their toys are:

  • Made from 100% natural materials such as wood, certified organic cotton or pure wool or 100% recycled materials.
  • The paints and finishes are water based, 100% non-toxic and safe.
  • Their baby soft toys are certified organic cotton and none of their soft toys have synthetic filling.
  • Made from materials that are sourced from renewable and sustainable resources or recycled materials.
  • 60% of their toys are either Australian made and/or designed in Australia and owned by Australian companies.

They also choose toys from manufacturers who care about the environment, run conservation projects and who pay workers a fair wage in order to help fight poverty in third world countries.

It’s pretty easy to see why I choose them to shop at now isn’t it?

These are affiliate links. This means that if you use these links, you will not pay any more from the product, however I do get a small fee paid to me. This money will go right back into the blog to contribute to its upkeep and for me to try new products so that I can bring you the most updated information. Thank you for your support in using these links. x

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  1. Omg! You had me at hello 😊 That first toy, the activity stacking boxes looks great! Perfect gift from the grandparents. I’ll send them the link. Too easy. Thanks for putting this list together. So far all I have on my wish list is a stainless steel water bottle and a bamboo dining set. No toys! I’m such a boring parent. Thanks to you, now my Isabella will have a toy for Christmas. 🎄

    • Thank you so much Anita! I’m so pleased you found it helpful! Ecotoys even have a sale on for the activity stacking boxes too if you get in quick! They’re fabulous. I think a stainless steel water bottle is a pretty awesome Christmas present as well though! 🙂 xx

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