A SALE On Some Of My Favourite Products! I Thought I’d Share…

imageI often get asked where I buy a lot of the products I recommend because they aren’t necessarily products you can get in mainstream shops. One of my favourite websites is having a 10% off everything sale until the 30th of December and I was just making my second order in a few days to take advantage of it – They now stock Weleda (!!!)  at unbeatable prices which I am more than excited about! I’ve also bought some nappy creams, sunscreen and more shampoo for myself and Isabella.


I then thought that maybe you’d all like to take advantage of the sale too and see some of my favourite products! iherb is one of the world’s largest stores for natural products and has by far the cheapest prices. I’ve been shopping with them for years. They offer free shipping on all orders over $55 and have a brilliant loyalty program where 10% of your previous order is credited towards your next order.


If you’re new to iherb, use these links and you’ll get $5 off your first purchase as well as the 10% off your entire order!


To get the 10% off your whole order type in , YEAREND10 as the promo code on the checkout page.



These are the products that I buy and love:



Weleda, Baby & Child, Calendula Diaper Rash Cream
(81g) $14.57

This is the nappy cream that we are using on Isabella at home. I love the ingredients and the cream is rich and thick and calming on the skin. It works for us- no red bottoms in sight!


Earth Mama Angel Baby, Bottom Balm, (60 ml) $14.88

This is the bottom balm we used on Isabella at home when she was a baby. It has a safe, organic ingredients list of shea butter, antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs and pure essential oils. It’s got the consistency of soft butter and smells quite herbal. I highly recommend it. I apply it a few times a day.



Badger Baby Zinc Oxide Nappy Cream (87ml) $15.82

This is a great thicker zinc oxide cream. It’s perfect for protecting against nappy rash when you need something stronger than an oil based balm. Zinc makes a really great barrier cream and this product has organic ingredients too!



Badger Baby Balm (56g) $12.17


This was also on my recommended list and I have just ordered this to try it. It has a great ingredients list and is all organic.



Earth Mama Angel Baby, Natural Non-Scents Shampoo & Body Wash, Unscented Calendula $12.17


We used this on Isabella when she was a newborn as a shampoo and body wash. It’s the most non- toxic product on the market and has all organic ingredients. I love it. You just have to be mindful as it’s not a no-tears formula. We never had an incident though.



Weleda, Calendula, Baby Shampoo and Body Wash (200ml) $13.52

This is the shampoo and body wash we use for Isabella now. It’s great and doesn’t dry out the hair. I love it. 




Weleda, Oat Replenishing Conditioner (200 ml) $11.45

As Isabella has curly hair, we have to use a conditioner on her hair to keep it hydrated – even though she’s not very old yet or her hair extremely long. This is by far the best non-toxic conditioner I’ve found and we use it numerous times a week on Isabella.



Weleda, Baby Body Cream, Calendula,  (75 ml) $13.01

Isabella gets quite dry skin in summer- especially after days of having sunscreen on. I use this moisturiser on her at night and it works a treat.






Think, Thinkbaby, SPF 50+ Sunscreen, (89 ml) $17.58

I’ve just bought this for Isabella as it is super safe and non-toxic and comes highly recommended.





Thorne Research, Basic Prenatal, 90 Veggie Caps  $35.06


I’ve been using Thorne Research for my vitamins since my amazing GP prescribed them for me in my uni days. They use the best quality vitamins in the most absorbable forms. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. I used this Prenatal supplement before I got pregnant, while pregnant and continue to still take it while I breastfeed. I really find it keeps my energy up and stops me from getting sick.



iPlay Inc., Green Sprouts, Silicone Finger Toothbrush, $5.36

We’ve been using this for Isabella since her bottom teeth came through. It’s made from silicone so is 100% safe. It’s also easy to use as you just pop it on your finger and into her mouth and let her have a bit of a chew. Isabella loves it.



Think, Thinksport, Insulated Sports Bottle, Silver, 750 ml $31.12

I love this water bottle. The think company’s philosophy revolves around only making safe, non- toxic products. This bottle is a bit chunky, but it’s double walled and insulated so cold things stay super cold and hot drinks stay hot- great for tea in winter! It also comes with a strainer in the top so you can add lemon or herbal tea etc. into the bottle to infuse. The bottle also doesn’t sweat, so it won’t make things in your nappy bag wet even if it’s contents is icy cold. I’ve just bought a bottle for my husband Bez too because they’re amazing.


I love the brand Green Sprouts as they use safe plastic and silicone for their toys. The following toys Isabella has at home and loves:

iPlay Inc., Green Sprouts, Cornstarch Hand Teether, Pink $13.40

iPlay Inc., Infinity Rattle $10.72

iPlay Inc., Rainbow Rattle $13.40

iPlay Inc., Green Sprouts, Stacking Cups, 8 Cups $8.04





I hope you find this helpful and you enjoy iherb as much as I do!

Em x
(My Non-Toxic Baby)

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” (Maya Angelou)

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