Isabella’s Toy Box – How To Choose Safe Non-Toxic Toys


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Having taken all of Isabella’s toys away once before because they were made from plastics with BPA and phthalates or had PVC in them, I’m pretty careful when it comes to new purchases. When choosing safe toys for Isabella, I’m looking for them to be made from the following:


Natural rubber:
I’m in love with natural rubber almost as much as Isabella. I love how it doesn’t leach chemicals and she loves the soft, grippy, squeaky, rubbery feel. Such a winner.

Organic natural fibres:
Unfortunately we don’t know which textiles contain chemicals and which don’t unless we buy organic natural fibres. For dolls and teethers, organic cotton/hemp is a beautiful, safe option.

A great, safe material for teethers.

Safe plastic:
No BPA, phthalates, lead or PVC.

Maple, walnut, poplar, ash, beech and birch can all create gorgeous, safe toys. Some woods naturally contain harmful toxins, so just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s always safe!

With bath toys, not only is material important, but it’s also crucial for safety that the toy doesn’t have any holes in it which squirt water or make the toy squeak. These create a hidden mould trap which is impossible to dry out.
So here are our favourite non-toxic toys:

Natural Rubber:
STAR-BALL-1Hevea star ball:
Easy to grip and can be rolled or squished. Isabella loves it. I also think it looks just gorgeous!





KAWAN-teether-1Hevea Kawan teether:
Natural rubber coloured with natural vegetable dyes. This is deceptively soft as it’s actually hollow. Isabella loves biting it firmly and really twisting it. A big favourite!

Hevea Planet is a Danish company which produces the most beautiful products. I bought Isabella’s toys and bath mat from them online at . With a big enough purchase, postage is free!


image501531017_product_1Sophie the giraffe:
Every baby loves Sophie, from the feel of the rubber and sound of her squeak, to her nipple shaped face which is perfect for sucking. Care has to be taken when cleaning Sophie because of the hole where she squeaks. Sophie mustn’t be immersed in water and only wiped clean with a cloth, otherwise mould can grow inside.



sofie-giraffeSophie the giraffe teether:
When having one Sophie isn’t enough. This is great for young babies learning to grip. Isabella loves it.

These are so popular, almost every toy shop stocks the Sophie toys.




Organic natural fibres:

82caa7b1dbe84503cb5f7f2d1f6cb3a8Under the Nile Baby Buddy:
100% organic Egyptian cotton. Just gorgeous. Isabella loves sucking on the knot on the top of the hat!

Under the Nile have some gorgeous organic cotton toys. You can buy them online from or their Australian stockists.




Baby-Lyndon-doll-miniThe Hemp Gallery Lyndon Doll:
This Lyndon doll is beautifully made in organic hemp/cotton and dyed naturally using tea. Lyndon dolls are inspired by the Rudolph Steiner philosophy which believes a minimal face stimulates a baby’s imagination. It’s too cute for words and gets sucked on a lot!

You can buy these at which is a lovely family run Sydney business.

IMG_1525Rainbow silicone teething necklace from Etsy. I wish I could name the Etsy shop, but it was a Christmas present and I’ve looked and can’t find it! Isabella loves this – partially because of the chewy silicone and partially because of the awesome colours which are actually in the correct rainbow order!


Safe plastic:

GT-Ssorter-2Green Toys: Shape Sorter
This is such a great, safe toy and the plastic is actually made out of recycled milk bottles! The shape sorter has educational benefits with shape and colour recognition, hand eye coordination, problem solving and fine and gross motor skill development. For now, Isabella loves sucking on the star, banging the shapes together and exploring the lids. It’s going to be a favourite for a long time.

gy-017_1zGreen Toys: Stacker
Again, another great, safe educational toy from Green toys, teaching size differences, colour recognition and hand eye coordination. Now that Isabella is sitting, she loves nothing more than to knock over the tower and watch me rebuild it again!

You can buy a small selection of Green Toys at a lot of bigger toy shops now. Their website is which shows much more variety than I’ve seen available in the shops, so definitely worth a look online. All their toys are made of safe plastic. Great for outside and in the bath!

skiphop-explore-more-roll-around-baby-rattle-hedgehogskiphop-explore-more-roll-around-baby-rattle-beeSkip Hop Explore & More Roll Around Rattles:
These are cute, make a rattle noise as they move and are easy to hold. Isabella has both the bumblebee and hedgehog. They are made out of safe plastic and are BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free.

skiphop-bandana-buddies-baby-activity-toy-elephantSkip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Elephant:
The elephant is such a firm favourite that I actually keep him in the car for a bit of bribery to distract as I’m doing up the seatbelt. It also is BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free.

Skip Hop seem to be in conversion to safer plastics. Some items in their range of toys were marked as BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead free and some weren’t. So be careful what you choose to buy.

Screenshot_2016-03-12_at_11.53.53B. Heard Cloth book:
This is a really cute cloth book with a squeaky duck, clicky telephone wheel, crunchy leaf and rattle. A big hit in our house.

B. Toys are all BPA, phthalate and lead free. Some of their toys do use a kind of PVC in them however, so if anything looks like rubbery vinyl, I wouldn’t get it. You can get B. Toys at most toy shops.


Masterkidz Wooden Circle Teether:


This is a simple circle made from beautifully smooth beech wood. Isabella goes through phases of enjoying this, though the non-toxic minimalist part of me wishes she enjoyed it even more than the reality! I’m thinking of tying some bits of organic cotton to it to make it more interesting for her.

Masterkidz have some amazing toys, I just haven’t had the chance to properly explore their range. A few toy shops stock them and they have online stockists too.

Bath toys:

Hevea-Kawan-DuckHevea Kawan duck:
Just gorgeous to look at and made of natural rubber, with no holes! Until recently, it was a bit big for Isabella to handle properly. Now that she can hold it, she seems to like it especially, because it is so big – a perfect bill for sucking on!



pond-11Hevea: The Pond:
A collection of the cutest rubber bath toys – a fish, duck and frog. There’s something magical about that frog’s legs… No matter how tired Isabella is, I can get her out of the bath, dried and dressed if she has her frog to suck on. Again, no holes in them and all natural rubber, so totally safe!

bn-151_1zBoon Creatures Bath Toys:
These are so cute, although admittedly they spend most of their life separated in unrecognisable forms. Isabella loves sucking on the interesting shapes and is mesmerised watching multiple streams of water flow out of the little holes in the bottom of some of the cup pieces. These are made of safe plastic and are BPA, phthalate and PVC free.

I bought these at a big toy shop, but I haven’t seen them often. It might be easier to find them online.

What non-toxic toys are a favourite in your households?

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11 thoughts on “Isabella’s Toy Box – How To Choose Safe Non-Toxic Toys

  1. Oh and some of my favourite non-toxic baby products are…

    – Naturebubz teethers (based in Perth)

    – Qtoys: Wooden toys made ethically, Eco-friendly and with non-toxic materials (Australian owned). You can’t buy directly from their website but there are lots of stockists in Australia.

    – Green sprouts: non-toxic plastic bath toys/cups etc.

    – Jack and Jill silicone toothbrushes and organic nasties-free toothpaste for babies.

    – Love Mae dinner ware for toddlers/kids (Australian made and chemical free)

  2. Hi Emily,

    I’ve just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great! Thank you! I’m looking at reducing toxins in my house step by step but are mostly focusing on what I give to my babies to eat/chew on/wash their clothes in etc. Looking forward to reading and learning more!

    • Oh thank you for the encouragement Laura! It’s lovely to hear from you.
      Reducing toxins at home is an eye-opening and sometimes daunting journey at first, but it’s such a worthy one, especially when you are pregnant and have babies/ young children! I agree on focusing on what your baby actually touches/ comes into contact with first. The other thing which quickly decreases the cumulative chemical exposure in your home is by making sure you use safe cleaning products as they touch every surface and particles stay in the dust and get breathed in, especially by babies on the floor. (I mainly use ecostore and make my handwash myself with organic castille soap).
      Wishing you luck with your detoxifying journey.
      Keep in touch 🙂 Em x

      • Thanks Em. Yes…cleaning products are a good point! I buy Earth cleaning detergent and washing liquid but to be honest I haven’t actually researched to see if they are good products or not. Perhaps you could write a blog post with all the brands you use around the house (or maybe you already have 😉). I’m also interested in homemade natural products like using vinegar and bi-carb soda as well as essential oils to clean. Thanks again for all your research and time writing this blog. I have found it such an incredible resource and am encouraged to continue working towards a toxin free home ☺️ Xox

      • Hey Laura,
        A cleaning product post is definitely on the list… I haven’t looked into individual brands, but I use Ecostore products mostly at home at the moment and they’re great.
        Thank you so much for the feedback! It makes my day when I hear that my posts have been a help to others! (And makes the long hours of research feel completely worthwhile! 🙂 ) Em x

  3. Hi there. Excellent post. Just wanted your readers to be aware that all the Hevea products are available from resellers in Australia. They are distributed exclusively through Sydney-based The World of Good and a list of Hevea resellers can be found on the website.

    • That’s great to know, thanks Jeremy. When I originally did my purchases, I know I couldn’t find the star ball in Australia. Hevea is a great brand and hopefully as it gets discovered more and increases in popularity, we’ll see it even more commonly available!

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