The Most Hydrated Baby On The Block – Safe Sippy Cups


imageI thought I better start offering Isabella water when her favourite bath time activity became sucking water out of the face washer. Isabella loves drinking water much more than eating solids at the moment. It’s a favourite activity and she ends up covered – much to my delight as it’s far easier to clean up after than food!

In the news recently there have been stories about children getting sick from sippy cups and water bottles harbouring mould. Something about the twist tops and closed funnelling devices that make them impossible to clean. The thought of inadvertently making your child sick is enough to give any parent nightmares!

I’ve voiced my scepticism of plastics before because companies don’t have to declare what chemicals are in plastics and our laws are so unrestricted regarding the use of chemicals which have been shown to be harmful. I didn’t want to go there for Isabella’s first water bottle especially as there are other great options such as glass and stainless steel.

Glass water bottles obviously have the risk of breaking. Although some have clever silicone sleeves which add protection. Isabella is just getting to the point where she wants to drop everything on the ground for fun so it wouldn’t be a wise choice for us! However, for an older child glass could be a fantastic option. Another great product I’ve seen, but not tried, are silicone lids that fit over a water glass by Sipsnap. They have sippy cup lids and also ones for a straw to fit in. So if your little one can hold a glass ok, it’s a great option- plastic free and completely cleanable.image

Stainless steel water bottles are unbreakable and easy to clean, though you need a safe lid to sip from. My love affair with silicone solving my plastic problems continues. Silicone doesn’t leach chemicals and is non-porous so doesn’t support the growth of mould or bacteria. Perfect for sippy cup and water bottle lids!

imageThe best sippy cup/water bottle I’ve found in my research and the one I chose to buy is by Pura Kiki stainless. It’s a stainless steel water bottle where you can change the spout according to how old your little one is- from a baby bottle top, to a sippy cup, to a proper lid. The spouts are removable and made of a transparent silicone which means that mould can’t hide anywhere. And there’s no plastic in the whole bottle! You can also get a silicone sleeve to go around the bottle which is easier for little ones to grip. I got the bigger of the bottles and when full it’s a bit too heavy for Isabella to hold onto, but there are smaller bottles available too.

Isabella loves her sippy water bottle with a passion. It’s now as important as ‘Sophie’ to bring along to keep her entertained! While she might well be the most hydrated baby on the block, she often just chews on the spout and lets the water drip on her providing priceless entertainment for a tired mummy!

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10 thoughts on “The Most Hydrated Baby On The Block – Safe Sippy Cups

    • Hi Kristy,
      I haven’t got them myself, but i’ve heard they’re great. They are called Sipsnap and you can get them online from a few retailers. (I just had a google and there are a few to choose from, I’d hate to recommend one if you can get a better price at another that I hadn’t seen yet 😉 )
      Let me know how it goes!x

      • I have both kinds of sip snap lids – I bought them way back through kickstarter – and they are great. Not leak proof if that’s what you’re after, but certainly stop big spills and fabulous to take out to cafes etc because they fit any cup. My oldest is nearly 7 and the straw lids are still a regular feature here.

      • Thanks Katherine, so great to hear someone’s real life experience with them, having never tried them myself! When Isabella gets a bit older, we’ll definitely be getting some, they seem super convenient! Thanks again.x

    • Hi Ree,
      Pigeon are a great respected brand. They say all the right things in this link!

      The problem with all plastics is that unlike baby wipes for example, they don’t actually have to include what ingredients they do use. They just list what they don’t use! So it leaves me in a place where I can’t really endorse anything like that either! That’s why I like glass, stainless steel and silicone so much… You just know what’s in them and that they are safe!x

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